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Napoleon is Canada’s answer to Weber. The company started out as a small steel fabrication business that later on expanded to manufacturing various types of grills, smokers, and accessories. Their grills and smokers are known for their quality and slight similarity to Weber. It’s important to note, however, that Napoleon also does have some innovative ideas and designs incorporated into their products that make them stand out among the rest.

Napoleon NK22CK-C Charcoal Kettle Grill Review

3.3 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews - 4
Review Score - 3.3
Customer Satisfaction88/100

Top quality kettle grills aren’t the sole domain of Weber. Napoleon also offers a charcoal kettle grill that rivals the Weber Performer series. With this particular charcoal grill, you get the usual kettle grill plus some nifty innovations that make them a crowd favorite.


  • 22.5″ diameter
  • platinum porcelain-coated kettle
  • 365 square inches of cooking space
  • hinged lid that opens at a 45 degree angle (to the side rather than towards the back) and can also spin 180 degrees (allows for left-handed or right-handed opening)
  • removable ash catcher with a locking mechanism
  • heat and airflow stainless steel diffuser plate that’s removable
  • cast iron cooking grate with handles and hinged sections that can be adjusted to three different heights
  • adjustable vents (top and bottom)
  • lid thermometer
  • stainless charcoal baskets (for indirect cooking)
  • foldable stainless steel shelf
  • powder coated cart with 4 wheels

What we love about it:

  • assembly is easy enough for a grill of this size
  • heat and airflow diffuser makes sure that heat distribution is even, not focused in the middle of the grill (no hot spots)
  • heats up very fast
  • solid legs and wheels
  • can be easily moved around
  • ash tray has a large capacity and can be easily accessed easily
  • charcoal baskets allow you to do indirect cooking
  • can be closed tight enough to smother burning coals
  • very nice grill marks
  • grate handles make it easy to move it around (taking it out or moving it up or down the different cooking heights)
  • cleaning the grill is easy
  • not a champion smoker but can do the job well enough

What we don’t like:

  • the spaces on the charcoal grate are large enough that small, burning coals fall through into the ash tray
  • the metal seems thin

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There’s a lot to love with this grill. It does a superb job of grilling various types of food and can do a decent job at smoking meat. Reaching target temp and maintaining it is easy. Clean up is a breeze. And you get a side shelf for storage while you’re grilling. While it’s hard to beat a Weber Kettle, there’s no question that this Napoleon grill comes real close. It’s certainly a viable alternative to the champion of kettle grills.


Napoleon Mirage LEX485RSIB Review

3.7 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews - 30
Review Score - 3.7

One of the best multipurpose Napoleon gas grills in the market today is the Napoleon Mirage LEX485. The grill uses either propane or natural gas as a fuel source and is a serious contender to the Weber Genesis.


  • three stainless steel burners (total of 48,000 BTU)
  • self-cleaning stainless sear plates for vaporizing drippings as well as controlling flare ups
  • infrared side burner (12,000 BTU) with ceramic heating plate
  • infrared rear burner (13,500 BTU)
  • Jetfire ignition system which can start each burner individually or all at the same time
  • stainless steel wave cooking grid with 485 square inches of cooking space
  • a warming rack that’s 190 square inches
  • doubled-lined, roll top stainless steel lid with a temperature gauge
  • back-lit control knobs
  • removable drip pan
  • integrated ice bucket and cutting board on the stainless steel side shelf
  • stainless steel cabinet doors
  • wrap-around condiment tray
  • 4 heavy duty caster wheels

What we love:

  • loads of extras – the integrated cooler and cutting board, the wrap-around condiment tray, and backlit knobs – that you won’t normally find in a grill in this price rage.
  • durable stainless steel construction
  • combination of traditional gas burners and infrared technology
  • ignition system enables you to start individual burners at a time or all at the same time
  • heats up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in less than four minutes
  • retains heat well
  • rear infrared burner opens up the possibility of a rotisserie (bought separately) which increases the versatility of this grill
  • fits 20 burgers at once
  • the roll-top lid reduces the amount of space your grill needs because you no longer need the clearance required to lift a lid all the way up.
  • easy to maneuver around despite its size
  • limited lifetime warranty for the burners, parts have a five-year warranty
  • excellent customer service
  • available options include a charcoal tray and smoker tube, both of which can increase the grill’s versatility even more

What we don’t like:

  • it’s not all stainless steel; some parts like the cart legs and back panels are cast aluminum or porcelain enameled steel.
  • smaller primary cooking space than other gas grills in this price range

Looking at all the things this grill can do plus all the extra features you never thought could be part of a grill at this price makes the Napoleon LEX485 a real steal. It’s a very versatile grill that can be made even more versatile with the additional options that Napoleon offers. It’s powerful and large enough to cook your favorite foods and feed your hungry horde. And you know it’ll last a long time. If it doesn’t, the warranty is the best you’ll find and the customer service can’t be beat. There’s no question that this grill is definitely a winner.

Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB Gas Grill Review

4.4 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews - 4
Review Score - 4.4

This grill possibly has everything you’ll ever need to make your outdoor cooking an amazing experience. It has a lot of similar features with the LEX485 but with a whole lot of space and power.


  • four stainless steel burners (12,000 BTU each)
  • one infrared searing side burner (14,000 BTU)
  • one infrared rear burner (18,000 BTU) with a full rotisserie kit
  • stainless steel wave rod cooking grates
  • stainless steel burner shields placed over the burners
  • stainless steel double-lined, roll-top lid
  • two stainless steel side shelves with plastic end caps, tool hooks, and condiment/drink trays
  • removable drip pan accessible from inside the cabinet
  • tool hooks inside the cabinet doors
  • four locking wheels
  • 476 square inches of primary cooking space and a 270 square inch warming rack (chrome plated wire)
  • back-lit control knobs
  • cast iron grate for the side burner


  • infrared side burner can reach over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit but can also be adjusted to a lower temperature for cooking sauces (a rarity among infrared burners)
  • the rotisserie spear has a counterweight so your food remains balanced while on it
  • sturdy rotisserie motor
  • heavy duty construction
  • loads of storage
  • addded options include a smoke tube and a charcoal tray
  • full rotisserie system that can be added on to for more versatility (more forks, basket that wraps around the spear, an attachment that holds kebab skewers)
  • drip pan is more easily accessible (from the front instead of the back as in most grills)
  • ships with extra screws (spares are a Godsend, you know)
  • fit and finish are exceptional
  • heats up quickly
  • limited lifetime warranty
  • excellent customer service
  • lots of searing plates which means a lot more surface for drippings to vaporize. This also helps reduce hot spots and flare ups.


  • grill runs hotter toward the back
  • the warming rack needs to be removed when you use the rotisserie because it gets warped due to the heat
  • plastic handles on the cabinet doors
  • the cast iron grate on the side burner burns the meat too quickly
  • not “all stainless steel”; some parts are heavy cast aluminum (like the firebox)

Everything you’ll need for a complete outdoor cooking experience is provided by this grill. The fit and finish, as mentioned, is perfect. This powerful grill will ensure that you’ll never have to look for another one again in your lifetime. If you’re looking for a grill that will cause “grill envy” among your neighbors and friends, then this is the one for you.

Napoleon TravelQ 285X with Cart Review

$239.004.0 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews - 19
Review Score - 4

If you’re looking for a portable gasser with some innovative features, you might want to check out this grill from Napoleon.


  • powder coated blue steel body
  • coated cast iron grate
  • two stainless steel burners
  • stainless steel windscreen over the back vent
  • Jetfire ignition system (fires up the burners individually)
  • two large side tables with towel and tool holders
  • removable grease tray


  • the collapsible stand is sturdier than most grills in this category
  • can travel on all terrains – pavement, grass, gravel – with ease
  • easily folded up and pulled by one person
  • the burners light up independently which allows you to do 2-zone cooking
  • the grill snaps shut and stays shut, holding the grate in place even when in transport
  • even heat distribution
  • large capacity grill (up to 16 burgers at a time)
  • plenty of workspace for a portable grill
  • easy to use and clean
  • the windscreen helps maintain heat on windy days


  • no warming rack, storage under the grill, or gas gauge
  • can’t control airflow so temperature control is limited

The Napoleon TravelQ 285X is quite possibly the best portable grill you’ll ever find. It has solid construction and the scissor cart isn’t flimsy at all. It has two burners that can be individually lit for direct and indirect cooking. You have loads of workspace plus towel and tool holders. You got all-terrain wheels. And you get a windscreen for windy days in the park or at the beach. Literally everything you’ll ever need in a portable grill is here and they all come together to make a perfect portable gasser. So if you want a grill to accompany you in your travels, you’d best be sure you’ve got the TravelQ 285X with you.

Napoleon Apollo 3 in 1 Smoker Review

Too low to display3.3 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews - 18
Review Score - 3.3

No, this is not a rip-off of the Weber Smokey Mountain. This bullet water smoker may look the same and have certain similarities in terms of features. But there are a number of improvements as well as design innovations inserted here and there that puts this little smoker in a league of its own.


  • black porcelain enameled body
  • multiple vents (one on top and three bottom vents)
  • charcoal steel basket
  • upper lid has a horizontal bar with five hooks
  • hinged access doors
  • each cooking chamber has a 20-inch cooking grate (total of 630 square inches of smoking space)
  • locking latches for each section as well as the lid
  • 2.6-gallon water pan
  • each section has two metal handles


  • a true multipurpose tool; you can opt to grill, use only one cooking chamber for small amounts of smoked meat, or use all sections to create a larger smoker.
  • takes up a very small space
  • solid construction (some customers have owned the grill for years)
  • good temperature control (maintains the heat for really long hours just like a good smoker should)
  • can be used for wet and dry smoking as well as a grill
  • lid fits tighter than the Weber Smokey Mountain
  • predrilled eyelets in each ring allows you to insert a thermometer probe at grill level
  • the access doors have hinges so its easier to open compared to sliding ones that are often awkward to slide in and out when the smoker is cooking
  • less expensive than the Weber Smokey Mountain
  • the lid latches on so you can use the handle on top to lift the entire smoker and move it around
  • large water pan
  • you can easily cut down the size of your smoker to extend the life of your charcoal if you don’t need the extra space


  • no heat shield at the bottom
  • the sectional design can cause smoke leakage (previously released units have had those problems)
  • the latches aren’t aligned perfectly (they do work though)

The Napoleon 3-in-1 smoker is a viable alternative to the Weber Smokey Mountain. In fact, in some aspects, it is way better. You not only get a grill and a smoker, you also get to choose how big your smoker should be which allows you to save on charcoal for small cooks. You also have the option to hang your meat instead of laying them out flat, especially if they’re too long to be laid out flat and have to be cut in order to fit (like ribs). The shortcomings of a Weber Smokey Mountain were answered with innovative designs by Napoleon which makes this a better investment. And though we all already know that Weber grills and smokers are for life, the quality of Napoleon grills have never been questioned either. They also have a limited lifetime warranty that just makes something good even better. If you’re looking for a grill/smoker combo that’s been done right, you might want to mosey over to Canada and get yourself a Napoleon.

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