Best Infrared Grills in 2020 - Reviewed and Rated -

Best Infrared Grills – Buying Guide

infrared grillsIf you’re looking for a better way to grill your food, you might be interested in looking at the new favorite of barbecue enthusiasts – the infrared grill. Infrared grills are making waves in outdoor cooking because of the way it cooks food – through radiation. Charcoal and gas grills primarily use hot air flow (or convection) to cook food. Infrared grills, on the other hand, does not need to rely on hot air to cause the food to cook. Placed just above the burners is a plate (glass, ceramic, or metal) that absorbs the heat and then radiates it directly into the food. What’s so great about that? Let’s discuss it more below along with other benefits as well as drawbacks of using an infrared grill.

Benefits of infrared grill

  • Unlike traditional gas grills, infrared grills heat up faster (around three to five minutes). They also produce a higher cooking temperature than convection (averaging about 900 degrees Fahrenheit) which allows you to cut your cooking time in half. This means that you don’t need to slave away long in front of the grill to get a deliciously cooked meal. Everyday can be a barbecue day, not just a weekend event.
  • Aside from saving you time, infrared grills also use up less energy and gas. So you get your delicious steak and keep some money in your pocket to buy a candy for a kid.
  • Since there is less dry air flowing around, your food retains more moisture which means your steak is definitely going to be juicier compared to one cooked in a traditional gas or charcoal grill.
  • Flavor is also better with an infrared grill. Not only do you get to sear your food quickly and get that caramelization you’re after, any drippings from the meat or marinade fall directly on the plate (which is placed quite near the food) and vaporize quickly, going right back to your meat. As an added bonus, there are no flare-ups to worry about.
  • Because infrared grills send the heat directly into your food, there’s no need to worry about cooking with your lid open despite the cold weather.
  • Since  the heating element of an infrared grill is placed directly above the plate (which radiates the heat), there are no hot and cold spots along the grill; you get more evenly distributed heat that produces more consistent results.
  • Many infrared grills are self-cleaning. Turning up the grill to high heat will burn off any food particles and you can use a grill brush to take out any stubborn ones that refused to get incinerated.

Drawbacks of infrared grill

  • There’s a learning curve to using an infrared grill. Because of the intense heat it produces, it’s quite easy to burn your food because it cooks quicker than you expected. You’ll need to watch your food carefully and take note of their cooking times to prevent overcooking.
  • There’s also a health risk to using infrared grills – that is, if you burn your food and still eat it. Should be easy enough to avoid though, right?
  • While we love how high the heat can go, one major drawback of an infrared grill is its lack of a lower heat mechanism. This means that you can’t use your grill to cook low temperature recipes, namely fish and vegetables. Fortunately, some newer grills have come out with dedicated burners that have more heat control, allowing you to cook these delicate foods.
  • Infrared grills are more expensive than traditional gas grills which makes them more costly to buy than traditional charcoal grills. A well-built one could cost you from several hundred dollars to well over a thousand. Additional features such as smokers and a rotisserie rack could boost that cost to $5000.
  • While infrared grills are easy to clean, some models require higher maintenance and care because they have complicated components.

NORTHFIRE Inferno Single Propane Infrared Grill Review

$439.990 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -0

The NORTHFIRE Inferno Single Propane Infrared Grill is no ordinary infrared grill. In fact, it looks more like an oven to most people. But don’t let it’s appearance fool you. This baby can quickly cook your favorite meal because it can heat up to 15000 degrees Fahrenheit (800 degrees Celsius). Steak, pork, chicken, burgers, fish, and other kinds of seafood. You name it, this grill can cook it. Yes, even dessert. And it does so in minutes because of the infrared top burner which gets hot fast.

Another thing that makes this grill stand out is the fact that it’s so easy to use. Just push the ignitor and it’s ready to go. There are 4 grill racks which enables you to cook more than one kind of food at once. You can also opt to get your steaks cooked at different degrees of doneness at the same time. The higher the level of the grill rack, the more “done” your steak will be.

To make it even better, the Inferno comes with stainless steel components for easy cleaning. Along with the grill, you get a 7/8″ food tray, 1/2″ drip tray, grill plate, and handle. Because of its compact size, this grill is easily portable which makes it perfect for camping or your next tailgate party.

What we love:

  • It heats up fast which enables you to cook meals quickly.
  • It is easy to clean up.
  • It chars a steak beautifully just like what you get at a steakhouse.

What we don’t like:

  • The instructions are lacking, especially on how to use the grill to cook other kinds of meat.
  • There have been complaints about the auto-light not working.
  • The supplied hose is a bit short and some of the screws are not high quality.

Solaire SOL-EV17A Everywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill Review

$399.005 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -5

If you’re looking for an infrared grill for your next camping trip, the Solaire SOL-EV17A Everywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill may just be what you’re looking for. This portable grill is just 15 pounds and its overall dimensions are 20” W x 8.25” H x 13” D – big enough to feed a group of 2 to 4 people but not too big that you’ll find yourself sweating like a pig hauling it to and from your campsite.

The grill features an infrared ceramic and stainless steel burner which has 14,000 BTUs of power. It can quickly reach searing hot temperatures in just three

minutes! This enables you to cook food quickly and retain more of the food’s natural juices. Plus, the even heat distribution ensures that you don’t get hot or cold spots on the grill. In short, you get tender and juicy results all the time.

The Solaire SOL-EV17A also comes with 140 square inches of cooking space. The Solair V-Grate Grilling Grids is an innovatively designed grill grate which helps enhance the flavor of your food. Any drippings quickly become flavor-enhancing smoke while reducing the occurrence of flare ups. As an added bonus, the entire grill is made of 304 stainless steel and is built to last.

What we love:

  • The grill is solidly built with good materials.
  • It can reach high temperatures quickly and can sear your steaks perfectly.
  • It is very lightweight and easy to haul around.

What we dislike:

  • This is not ideal for slow cooking.
  • It has a bit of a learning curve; you can easily overcook or burn your food.
  • The price is slightly expensive for a small grill.

Napoleon P500RSIBNCH-3 Review

5 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -5

If you’re looking for an infrared grill that has the same quality as a Weber grill, you shouldn’t look any further than this Napoleon Grill. It can provide you with a complete outdoor cooking experience with its 4 stainless steel main burners, infrared sizzle zone side burner, and the infrared rear burner. The burners are easy to start up due to the JETFIRE ignition system. As a backup, Napoleon also installed a back channel which enables the burners to light off each other. Because of this, you’ll always get to start your grill whenever you need it.

This Napoleon grill not only provides you with a lot of cooking power, it also features a large cooking space – over 500 square inches! And we haven’t even counted the 260 square inches of cooking space provided by the warming rack. You can easily use it to feed a large horde of hungry friends and family whenever you have them over.

The stainless steel wave cooking grids are great at retaining heat and creating delicious sear lines on your meat. There are dual level, stainless steel, sear plates that vaporize drippings, creating flavored smoke and preventing flare ups. The full width removable drip pan makes cleaning up easy. The folding side shelves add more work space and the utensil holders as well as the bottom of the cart provides you with storage.

What we love:

  • This is a full-sized grill that’s perfect for feeding large groups of people.
  • The grill is great at heat retention.
  • The infrared “sizzle-zone” allows you to change the position of the grates, enabling you to sear steaks or cook with pots and pans.

What we don’t like:

  • It’s expensive
  • It is not all stainless steel; It has cast aluminum and porcelain enameled steel components.

Simple Living Advanced Indoor Smokeless BBQ Grill Review

5 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -5

An infrared grill doesn’t have to be big and feature-rich. The Simple Living Advanced Indoor Smokeless BBQ Grill is proof of that. This small tabletop grill uses advanced infrared technology to enable small families to enjoy incredibly delicious meals year round. Indoor cooking won’t be a problem since you won’t be dealing with charcoal or gas.

The grill can quickly reach 446 degrees Fahrenheit AND maintain the temperature the entire time you’re cooking. It features special reflectors that guide the heat towards the grates. The grates, by the way, are made of cast iron which is not only excellent in heat distribution, it is also good at retaining heat. The ceramic coating, on the other hand, ensures that nothing sticks and it’s easy to clean.

The grill may look small but it has enough grill space to accommodate up to 8 burgers. Still, it is compact enough that you can store it away in your cupboard and get it out only when you feel like getting the grill on. Five minutes later, you’re ready to sizzle some meat.

What we love:

  • It is small and compact, easy to store, but still big enough to feed a family of four.
  • Clean up is incredibly easy.
  • There’s no learning curve to cooking food on this grill.

What we don’t like:

  • This is not a grill for slow cooking.
  • The temperature is not adjustable.

Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill HD6371/94 Review

$299.993.066 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -3.1

The Phillips grill is very easy to use, simply plug it into a power outlet and its infrared heaters will direct the heat towards the meat at the top. The grill has 2 heat settings: a keep-warm setting and a full power setting that pumps the temperature to 446° Fahrenheit. You can cook with ease as it is devoid of apps and fancy controls.

Wait about 6 minutes for the grill to warm up before placing your foods on it. If you’re grilling meat, use lean cuts because thick cuts have too much fat. The more fat meat has, the more smoke it will produce when cooking.

When grilling, make sure you maintain a steady temperature as this will make things easy to manage. Your chicken breasts and pork loins will cook to perfection and have grill marks. But if you want to sear your meat or cook it slower, you can adjust the heat output when grilling.

What We Love

  • Advanced infrared technology and reflectors direct heat to the cooking surface to ensure food is grilled evenly
  • There’s no need to adjust the temperature when cooking as the grill heats up to an ideal cooking temperature
  • The grill is smokeless and won’t fill up your kitchen with smoke
  • A drip tray catches grease and oil and ensures meats are not soaked in oil

What We Don’t Like

  • It is hard to see if your meats are cooking properly because of the bright infrared light. You may have to use a high-power white light to check whether your food is done

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Gas Grill Review

5 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -5

Looking for an infrared grill that is small and reasonably-priced? The Char-broil Tru-Infrared Grill will meet your needs. While it has a small footprint, it is a standalone grill that is very easy to move and store. Its compact size allows it to fit on most balconies and its 240-square-inch grilling space can cook food for 4 people at once. The grill is perfect for cooking for your partner or a few friends. It has a modern design and looks good in any small patio or apartment balcony.

While its burner puts out 13,000 BTUs, which isn’t a lot, the grill uses Char-broil’s Tru-Infrared technology to produce a lot of heat using a little fuel. The technology ensures it heats food directly, there are no hot or cold spots and fewer flare-ups.

The grill uses a 20lb propane tank which fits on its lower shelf, giving it more stability and making it easy to move. Its single, stainless-steel cooking grate cooks 4 servings at once and a small warming rack is mounted on the lid for added convenience. A metal bar holds grilling tools and accessories. If you want to give your food a smoky flavor, place wood chips directly on the cooking grate.

What We Love

  • It uses Char-broil’s Tru-Infrared technology for high heat output, even heating, and less flare-ups
  • It is a standalone grill that is easy to move
  • You can cook food for 4 people at a go
  • The grill’s compact size allows it to easily fit in small spaces
  • Extra features like a metal bar and a lower shelf make the grill very useful

What We Don’t Like

  • The grill takes a while to get hot so set aside 15-20 minutes for preheating
  • The metal used to make the grill is not heavy-duty. You must be careful not to knock it over as it can easily get damaged

Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 525 Review

5 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -5

The right grill can make the difference between having a great time and having a bad time. Since we’re sure you want to have a great time every time you grill, we’re recommending the Char-Broil signature 4-burner propane gas grill for a few reasons.

The grill was redesigned in 2015 and no longer has the stainless steel cooking grates that had difficulty generating sear marks. It now has heavy-duty porcelain-coated cast iron grates that retain heat and transfer it more efficiently. Its powerful infrared emitter is made of high-quality stainless steel.

The grill has four 8,000-BTU burners which generate enough heat to cook juicy steaks and mouthwatering burgers for 10 people. The burners focus their heat on the emitter (a perforated sheet of stainless steel) that changes convention heat into infrared heat. Just above the emitter are the porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates that grill food quickly and evenly. There’s also a 13,000-BTU side burner that is perfect for cooking side dishes.

While this has always been a great grill, the enhancements Char-Broil made in 2015 made it better. It’s now a notch higher than its counterparts. It has better features and also looks better than the old model.

What We Love

  • It is very efficient and uses less fuel to cook food
  • Its total cooking surface covers 725 square inches and can cook many foods at once
  • An electronic ignition system ensures every burner lights quickly
  • While it is sold as a propane gas grill, you can change it into a natural gas grill when you buy a natural gas conversion kit
  • The four main burners are made with 443R stainless steel for lasting performance

What We Don’t Like

  • It requires more maintenance than a regular gas grill
  • It is hard to assemble so you may want to get a pre-assembled unit

Magma Products A10-918-2GS Newport 2 Infrared Gourmet Series Stainless Steel Grill Review

$499.995 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -5

Magma Products made this grill with a focus on portability. Its legs fold away, allowing you to easily move it from one spot to another. The grill is also small and consumes very little space when not in use. It is a great unit for camping or boating as it is made with marine-grade stainless steel that can withstand salty ocean water. The grill was designed with ocean lovers in mind, its stainless steel is very durable compared to that of other grills in its class.

The cooking grates and drip tray are also made using stainless steel which doesn’t take a lot of effort to clean. To ensure even distribution of heat the grill has sear plates beneath its cooking grates. In just five and a half minutes, its single 11,200-BTU burner heats up to 500° Fahrenheit. The sear plates spread heat evenly and ensure the grill maintains a steady temperature.

If you want to use this grill on a boat, get something to keep it steady on rough waters. Magma Products sells different accessories for this grill like a grill mount, a serving shelf, a cover, and a carrying bag. The company provides technical support via phone and email and ships the grill with a user manual so you learn how to use it excellently.

What We Love

  • It is made with marine-grade stainless steel and is perfect for boating and fishing enthusiasts
  • You don’t have to open the grill to check whether your food is done as it has a viewing window made of glass
  • The grill is very well constructed and can cook even in strong winds – its flame won’t go off
  • It gets very hot quickly and cooks food consistently

What We Don’t Like

  • When grease from food hits the sear plates, a lot of smoke is produced
  • It offers average heat consistency
  • It doesn’t have a warming rack and can’t cook for many people at once

Solaire SOL-IR17BWR Portable Infrared Stainless Steel Propane Gas Grill Review

It is no secret that charcoal grills can have uneven temperatures. On the other hand, traditional gas grills can quickly make meat to dry out. If you want neither of these grills, an infrared gas grill might be the one for you. We like the Solaire Infrared Grill because it is portable and makes enough food for 2-4 people at a go. It gives you the flavor of a charcoal grill and the consistency and convenience of gas.

The grill features the Solaire infrared burner that heats up very quickly. In just 3 minutes, you can start grilling steaks, hot dogs, or chicken breasts. The searing hot temperature locks in the juices, ensuring your food is appetizing as it is appealing. A warming rack is integrated into the hood for added convenience.

We love the fact that you can use this grill right out of the box because assembly is a breeze. The only things you will need to attach are the handles and the four legs. The manufacturer provides a carrying bag for three 1-pound propane bottles. However, you can also use the grill with larger propane tanks if you get the adaptor hose which is sold separately. Solaire also sells a variety of accessories that work with this grill – like a portable stand, a low-pressure propane kit, a tank adaptor, and a grid scraper.

What We Love

  • The push-button ignition system ensures quick startups
  • The infrared burner heats up in 3 minutes and the Solaire V-grate enhances the flavor of food and lowers chances of flare-ups. The burner also spreads heat evenly across the cooking surface, ensuring even grilling
  • It is portable as it only weighs 20lbs and comes with handles that make it easy to carry
  • The 140-square-inch grilling surface is complemented by a 67-square-inch warming rack

What We Don’t Like

  • The cooking grid is very small
  • Solaire doesn’t recommend closing the lid when grilling foods

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Commercial 3-Burner Review

5 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -5

If you’re in the market for a decent, basic gas grill that will work reliably for several years, the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Commercial 3-burner just might be what you’re looking for. Like the other TRU-Infrared grills from Char-Broil, this commercial grill employs infrared heat to cook food, and it does so beautifully. The meat is cooked evenly and stays juicy. And because the meat has little exposure to direct flame, there’s no chance for flare-ups to occur. The best thing about this TRU-Infrared grill though is that you can dial down the temperature for some low and slow cooking – a feature that a lot of infrared grills are incapable of achieving. And if you want additional flavor, you can quickly put in some wood chips or pellets between the grates to create smoke. The grill comes with stainless steel plates that are placed right below the grate which holds the heat from the burners and spreads it evenly across the grate. These plates enable the grill to reach high enough heat for searing without using up a lot of fuel. Small holes are located on the plates to enable drippings to fall down to the burners and for combustion gasses to go up – two things that add flavor to the meat on your grill.

Aside from its wide temperature range, this grill has several other nice features such as a 500 square inch primary cooking space, a side burner (with a hinged lid) for sauces and side dishes, locking casters for portability, and a warming rack that moves back whenever you open the lid so you can easily get the food laid out on your cooking grate.

Though the quality of the stainless steel could be better (there have been some complaints), this basic gas grill definitely delivers for its price. You get beautifully cooked food with minimal effort and fuel consumption. While the grill probably won’t last a lifetime, it will last for several years. Well worth the cost.

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Reveiew

$152.793.145 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -3.1

If you love tailgate parties or barbecue picnics, then this is the grill for you. The Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 is a tabletop gas grill that uses Char-Broil’s innovative TRU-Infrared design to provide searing temperatures without the flare-ups while producing evenly cooked, moist food. Despite having only one burner, the 200 square inches stainless steel cooking grate (fits 12 burgers) acts as a radiant plate that ensures you reach target temp with minimal fuel consumption. The lid has two latches in front that holds the grate in place while you carry the grill around. This portable gas grill is very easy to use – quick to light, quick to cook.

There are a few drawbacks to this grill, however. While the grill is perfect for cooking burgers and steaks (especially when you want to do some searing), it doesn’t work well with delicate meats that require low temperatures. Most infrared grills have a hard time staying at a low temperature. Another drawback to this grill is the grate which can be a tad difficult to clean after each cookout.

Overall, this “little” grill is still a great choice for BBQ with the boys or back at home.

Royal Gourmet Mirage MG6001-R Review

5 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -5

If you want a grill that can level up your outdoor cooking skills, then the Royal Gourmet Mirage MG6001-R Gas Grill is your best bet. This gas grill features stainless steel tube burners, a brass side burner, and an infrared rear burner with a total 96,000 BTU output. It has porcelain cast iron cooking grates that feature a slope design and provides you with 697 square inches of primary cooking space. You also get a warming rack with 264 square inches of cooking surface. The lids are heavy duty stainless steel with cast aluminum end caps. Built-in thermometers help you monitor temperature. And the stainless steel side tables provide you with prep space as well as hanging hooks for tools. The entire grill has a full cart design with stainless steel doors that provide loads of storage options for any outdoor chef. Cooking on this grill is easy and the food always seems to come out deliciously cooked. There’s a ton of space that allows you to cook for a large group of people. But the split lid gives you the option to only use a small part of the grill if you’re planning on cooking for just two to three people. The grill is also pretty easy to assemble and the construction quality is top notch. At this price point, it’s safe to say you got yourself a bargain.

Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 500 3-Burner Review

5 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -5

If you want an infrared grill that cooks beautifully, there’s no better choice than the Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 500 3-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill. This is a mid-sized grill that features Char-Broil’s infrared technology so you get hotter temps in a short amount of time and the absence of flare ups as well as cold spots. It also ensures you use less gas when cooking food. More importantly, your food remains juicy and moist. How does it do that? This grill features Top Ported 443 stainless steel tube burners, durable porcelain-coated grates, and stainless steel plates directly below the grate that radiates the heat from the burners and spreads it evenly across every inch of the grates. These plates also vaporize any drippings from the juice which are absorbed quickly by the food for added flavor. The grill also has the Surefire Electronic Ignition system for quick and reliable startups each and every time. You can use 500 square inches of primary cooking space to feed your family and friends. And the 10,000 BTU side burner is perfect for creating your sauces and soups while things are cooking on the barbie. While we would love for the stainless steel to be of higher quality, for its price, this very basic grill does a beautiful job of cooking meals to perfection.

Char-Broil TRU Infrared Electric Patio Bistro 180 Grill Review

5 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -5

If your apartment or condo does not allow for gas or charcoal grills on your patio or balcony, you can still enjoy true outdoor cooking with Char-Broil’s TRU Infrared Patio Bistro 180 Grill. Like any infrared grill, this little baby can sear meat at high temps, evenly distribute heat, and produce deliciously moist and evenly cooked meat. The grill comes with a round and porcelain-coated grate while the body itself is porcelain-coated stainless steel. It has 240 inches of primary cooking surface which can fit approximately 11 burgers and an 80-square inch removable warming rack for your buns. The grill has a removable dial-control that can be plugged into any 120V power outlet that gives 1500 watts of power. The great thing about this grill is how portable it is. It can easily fit in your small patio, deck, or balcony. It can also be easily transported to a campsite, a park, or a tailgate party as long as there’s an outlet near. Also, we love the fact that you can add some wood chips in a small foil pan on the grill to add more flavor to your food. It’s built solidly so you know it’s going to last a while. However, it can be a bit tricky to clean. But aside from that, there’s nothing that should make you ever regret buying this little grill.

Infrared grills give a whole new meaning to outdoor cooking for many of us. They’re great for cooking steaks and the like (steakhouse quality, I might add). They’re also very convenient for the working guy or gal who only has a limited amount of time to cook a nice, grilled meal after a long day in the office (or wherever). The pros truly seem to outweigh the cons for a lot of people. Some, however, may feel intimidated by the technology used in infrared grills. Well, don’t be. After all, you’re probably already very familiar with at least one infrared cooking device that’s right inside your home– your toaster.