Best Pontoon Boat Grills - 2020 Edition -

Best Pontoon Boat Grills – 2020 Edition

If you’ve never grilled on a pontoon boat, then you’ve been missing out. It’s the perfect companion to a relaxing day out on the water. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy some freshly cooked foods with some cold beer under the warm sun? Of course, not all pontoon boat grills are made equal. You can’t just pick any grill marketed as one. The wrong grill may not stay lit while the boat is moving. It may not even stay on the boat. Another problem that may arise would be the fact that the grill would rust after a few trips out on the water. In short, you better make sure you’ve bought the right grill for the job. If you’re looking for the best pontoon boat grills, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 4 we’d love to share with you.

If you want the best of all pontoon boat grills, then don’t look any further than the Kuuma Stow and Go Propane Tabletop and Mountable grill. This grill is constructed of 100% stainless steel that can easily be mounted using the single arm mounting bracket (sold separately). It has foldable legs which makes it easy to transport. The grill has a total output of 13,000 BTUs and a cooking surface of 160 square inches. The grill has even heat distribution which makes it great for cooking 4 juicy steaks. However, the lid sometimes doesn’t close properly sometimes.

If you’re a fan of the kettle grill on land, then the Magma Products Marine Kettle, Charcoal Grill w/ Hinged Lid should be right up your alley. This marine kettle grill is made of 100% 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. Unlike other pontoon grills on our list, this one has a rotating design that lets you choose which direction the lid will open so you can still grill when it’s windy. The adjustable height and draft door helps you control the cooking temperature. Plus, it comes in two sizes – 133 square inches of grill space and 177 square inches of grill space. However, it doesn’t come with a bracket.

The Extreme Marine Products Cuisinart Grill is another great choice for your next boat trip. This portable grill from Cuisinart comes with a stainless steel burner and drip tray, an easy carry handle, 145 inches of cooking space, and a locking lid. The grill also features a solid mount for the propane tank and mounting brackets. Installing the grill is easy and cooking on it is even better. However, the drip tray is a bit small and requires frequent emptying. Also, the igniter doesn’t always start.

The Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill is another favorite of ours for grilling out on the water. It features 155 square inches of grilling space and a maximum output of 14,000 BTUs. The grill is construction of marine grade stainless steel with bottom rails that can be attached to various accessory mounts manufactured by Solaire. The presence of stainless steel grilling grids helps increase flavor and prevents any flare-ups. Plus, you even get a carrying bag which makes it easy to transport. However, it doesn’t work all that well in windy conditions.

Now, if you already own the Cuisinart portable grill or any other portable grill, then you should get the Arnall’s Pontoon Grill Bracket Set. It is the perfect accessory to transform your current grill to one you can easily take out on the water. This bracket is made of 304 marine stainless steel 7 ga and designed specifically to be attached to a 1.25-inch square pontoon railing. It’s solidly built, rust-free, and easy to install. However, for certain grills like the Coleman gas grill, this means you’ll need to leave the grease trap off the grill. Also, storing the grill with the bracket on can be somewhat difficult.

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Extreme Marine Products Cuisinart Grill Modified for Pontoon Boat with Arnall's Grill Bracket Set SILVER

  • Modified grill for pontoon boats lets you grill delicious foods out on the open water
  • Grill features 145 square inches of grilling surface and stainless steel burner and drip tray
  • Open fencing design is ideal for use with standard 1.25-inch square boat railings
  • Self-tapping screws help strengthen the grill legs for extra stability
  • Lightweight construction, carry handle, and locking lid make this grill easy to transport and store

$79.995 out of 5 stars
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Arnall's Pontoon Grill Bracket Set

  • This is for the brackets ONLY. Provide your own flat bottomed grill
  • Requires OPEN FENCE railing Search "Arnalls Universal" to see CLOSED FENCE options
  • Made with - Marine Stainless Steel 7 GA / Mounts to 1.25" Square Pontoon Boat Railing
  • You may need to drill the bottom of your grill to install,Very strong and durable / wont scratch your railing
  • Another version of this Specific for COLEMAN exist Search "Arnalls pontoon grill gracket set colman" to see it

$759.005 out of 5 stars
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Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Propane Gas Grill, Marine Grade Stainless Steel

  • Portable infrared grill with electronic push-button ignition; uses 1 pound propane cylnders (larger tank with optional adapter)
  • 155 square inches of grilling space (fits eight 4-inch hamburgers); 14,000 BTU/hour; 61.1 Infrared Intensity Index
  • Stainless steel (marine grade) welded construction; bottom rails accept a variety of Solaire accessory mounts
  • V-shape stainless steel grilling grids increase flavor while reducing flare-ups; includes carrying bag
  • With lid down, grill measures 21 wide by 13 deep by 12 inches high; shipping weight 27 pounds; one year limited warranty

$171.475 out of 5 stars
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Magma Products Marine Kettle Charcoal Grill with Hinged Lid (Original Size)

  • 100% 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel construction, heat resistant “stay cool” plastic handle with air cooled supports
  • Perfectly Balanced Hinged Lid, won’t slam shut
  • Adjustable Height Cooking Grill and Variable Draft Door assembly, for superior temperature control
  • Original size has 13 inch (133 square inch) grill surface, party size has 15 inch (177 square inch) grill surface
  • Lower charcoal grate and sealed ash compartment
  • Requires grill mounting hardware for complete installation
  • Sport type: Outdoor Lifestyle

$212.995 out of 5 stars
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Kuuma Stow and Go 160 Propane Grill

  • Designed to use standard disposable fuel bottles or can be used with larger re-fillable tanks for fixed mount applications
  • Constructed of 100% stainless steel
  • Removable grease tray for easy cleaning
  • No assembly required
  • The slick-looking single arm mounting bracket and accessories are sold separately